Liz's MagicList Requests

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1.  [November 21, 2017]  
I haven't been able to find these online to link to, but I could use 1-2 pairs of those fuzzy socks that are often in a bin near the register during Christmas time. The catch is, I have large feet and they're almost always "one size fits most", however if you happen to see them either in men's size or in women's size larger than "one size fits all", that would be perfect. My shoe size is 10 1/2-11 women's. The size listed on the socks is usually a sock size not a shoe size. I think my sock size would translate to 11 1/2? Click here to see the gift

2.  [November 21, 2017]  
Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered orange sticks. I saw these yesterday and would like to try them. Click here to see the gift

3.  [December 15, 2017]  
Renew my Family Handyman subscription if no one else has. Click here to see the gift

4.  [March 4, 2016]  
WIth Craig: Another trip to Catalina Island. Click here to see the gift

5.  [May 14, 2015]  
No more clothing for the moment, unless I list something specific...I just cleaned out my dresser and closet and discovered that I have enough clothing to last a very very long time. Click here to see the gift

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