Liz's MagicList Requests

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1.  [November 15, 2020]  
Fuzzy pajama top size large. Fleece or a similar material. No stretch. Pull over crew neck or mock neck. Any color or pattern that isn't drab, no brown/grey/cammo/olive green/etc. Sometimes these come in sets of top + bottom and that's fine, I'll wear both, but a top alone is fine too. I'm not linking to anything, pick out whatever you think I'd like! Click here to see the gift

2.  [November 24, 2021]  
I would like this digital pattern (PDF download) for crocheting a calico cat scarf. I've had it bookmarked for a long time and still want it. You can email it to Craig and have him put it on a USB stick to wrap up or just email it to me on Christmas or whatever. Click here to see the gift

3.  [December 1, 2021]  
I might regret this, but I've been watching videos of cats trained to ring a bell for treats. Yeah, probably not the best idea, but it would be so cute if Zephyr and/or Cougar learned to do that. So, a bell. Hopefully not very expensive because this might not work or they might destroy it. Google "Cat rings bell for treats" if you have no idea what I'm talking about. One bell is sufficient for me, even thought the videos have 2 bells. Click here to see the gift

4.  [November 10, 2021]  
Here's my Amazon wish list: My mom shops off that list but she won't get me all of those things. Amazon is supposed to remove things from that list once someone buys them, assuming they use the "add to cart" on the list. The Balega socks are on both lists because I don't mind getting 2 more pairs of them. Click here to see the gift

5.  [March 4, 2016]  
WIth Craig: Another trip to Catalina Island. Click here to see the gift

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