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1.  [March 28, 2018]  
Pellon Wonder-Under Fusible Web (not heavy weight) 2 yard pkg; that amount will last a long time so I don't need a bigger pkg The style # is 805R, sometimes just listed as 805. Amazon # to search for is B000LSQPT6 I'm also putting the link in MagicLink Click here to see the gift

2.  [April 13, 2018]  
Whetstones for sharpening garden tools. They have different grits, explained here: At a minimum I need one about 1000 grit and one about 6000 grit; there are some double sided with these 2 as the combo. I don't need anything expensive or fancy. The Amazon reviews are stumping me so I leave it up to you to pick one. (Example: some reviews say the whetstone being reviewed is labeled 6000 but is coarser than some labeled 1000; some people say the labels are reversed? Some say the whetstone isn't very flat. And so on.) Click here to see the gift

3.  [March 30, 2018]  
I need a replacement for my Sea to Summit 5L dry bag. I just read a ton of reviews of dry bags and apparently none are actually submersible for long periods of time, so I've given up on that idea. However, my Sea to Summit bag used to just get humid inside after sitting in a puddle of water in my kayak hatch, but now it actually gets quite damp, verging on wet, inside, so I think it's just worn out. You (Craig) can give me one of yours if you have a spare, if it works better than mine. 5L is a nice size but 10L would be fine too, I can fit more cookies in 10L. Blue is good, but really any color other than black or white would be fine. If you get Sea to Summit, I like the Big River type bags because they are resistant to abrasions. Other brands also have tough bags like that, usually listed as being for rafting or other activities where they are likely to get scraped on rocks a bit. Click here to see the gift

4.  [April 6, 2018]  
1 or 2 bread warmers. It's basically a piece of clay you stick in with your rolls/muffins/whatever to keep them warm until you eat them. Search Amazon for bread warmer. I don't want a basket or any other thing with it, just the stone(s.) Click here to see the gift

5.  [March 28, 2018]  
A Loofah scrubber (sometimes called loofah sponge). Beware of things on Amazon that come up when you search for this but are actually just (nylon?) scrubbies, which I already have 2 of. I'm linking to one at Bed Bath and Beyond so you can see what it looks like. I don't care if it has the rope or not. You can probably get these at a drugstore or bath/body shop or you can go to Bed/Bath/Beyond. Click here to see the gift

6.  [March 28, 2018]  
1 bottle of shower gel (aka bath/shower gel aka body wash) either unscented or in a scent that's not too sweet and not too fruity, and no vanilla, rosemary, or citrus. You can probably find something at a drugstore or Bed Bath and Beyond or possibly Cost Plus. It doesn't have to be a huge bottle, I don't use it every day so it lasts a while. Click here to see the gift

7.  [March 28, 2018]  
Allie Cats Hot Pad Sewing Pattern (this pattern is available on various websites, here are a few links or you can google it) Click here to see the gift

8.  [March 28, 2018]  
It would be fun to have a stealth/game/nature cam that I can point at our yard or the creek to see what critters are coming by when I'm not looking. There are many to choose from and I have no idea which are best. One neighbor got good pictures with the Stealth Cam STC-G42NG. Other neighbors got good pics with the Bushnell game camera and Bushnell nature camera, but didn't say the model numbers. Yvonne got good pics with hers, and here's what she said when someone asked what camera she had: "These are all self-contained wildlife trail cams or "game cameras" like hunters use. I have two Browning cameras because they have reasonable price points for features and a number of our local enthusiasts use them. They are all running on lithium AA batteries (long life, better in low temps). They all use SD cards so you need to go out to the camera to retrieve your recordings. The cameras use motion and heat detection and have various settings you can twiddle with for night flash distance, quality, length of clips, if it keeps running while an animal is detected, etc. On the Brownings you have to choose video or images, not capturing both. I have heard some other brands will do a mix. Price points on decent cameras are usually around $150+. The videos in this post are all from the Browning Strike Force HD Pro which uses the red glow IR for night illumination (humans can see it if you are looking at the camera and sometimes you can tell that some of the animals see it). Video that were taken from down low (the hawk video or the stitched together fox clips from ground level) were with the Browning Spec Ops Extreme which is a "no glow IR" camera which uses LEDs above the visible spectrum of humans and most animals so it's stealthier. " Yvonne also said this: "This is the site the locals recommend for reviews and purchasing...they usually include an SD card and they reportedly have great support and warranty over random places like Amazon which might only be slightly cheaper if at all:" Click here to see the gift

9.  [March 4, 2016]  
WIth Craig: Another trip to Catalina Island. Click here to see the gift

10.  [May 14, 2015]  
No more clothing for the moment, unless I list something specific...I just cleaned out my dresser and closet and discovered that I have enough clothing to last a very very long time. Click here to see the gift

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