Liz's MagicList Requests

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1.  [March 9, 2021]  
Another pair of Balega Blister Resist Quarter Socks for Men and Women, size Large. They never seem to have Wildberry in Large, but if they do, that would be my first choice color. Otherwise, color choices in this order: Blue, Cobalt, Mink/Grey, Black. (I don't like the one labeled orange.) Click here to see the gift

2.  [November 15, 2020]  
Fuzzy pajama top size large. Fleece or a similar material. No stretch. Pull over crew neck or mock neck. Any color or pattern that isn't drab, no brown/grey/cammo/olive green/etc. Sometimes these come in sets of top + bottom and that's fine, I'll wear both, but a top alone is fine too. I'm not linking to anything, pick out whatever you think I'd like! Click here to see the gift

3.  [April 15, 2021]  
From Craig: something to tie my kayak to docks. Click here to see the gift

4.  [March 4, 2016]  
WIth Craig: Another trip to Catalina Island. Click here to see the gift

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