Liz's MagicList Requests

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1.  [December 5, 2018]  
Duluth Trading Company Women's Longtail T Winter Waffle Crew Neck, size Large, "Blue Marble" or "Red Violet", although the website shows the Red Violet as out of stock in size Large; if you find the Red Violet somewhere that would be my first choice. Product ID 94723, which you can put in their search box. (I already have this shirt in Black & Dark Purple.) I don't want other shirts similar to this one, I just really love this particular shirt. Click here to see the gift

2.  [December 5, 2018]  
Cottage Cutz has a lot of cute animal dies. is the best place to buy them. I like: baby lion, happy whale, baby giraffe, baby alligator, and possibly others. All I have from them is: Frog, Raccoon, Chicken. Click here to see the gift

3.  [March 28, 2018]  
Pellon Wonder-Under Fusible Web (not heavy weight) 2 yard pkg; that amount will last a long time so I don't need a bigger pkg The style # is 805R, sometimes just listed as 805. Amazon # to search for is B000LSQPT6 I'm also putting the link in MagicLink Click here to see the gift

4.  [December 13, 2018]  
This cat planter is cute! Click here to see the gift

5.  [December 5, 2018]  
Lightweight floating row cover. This can be purchased at a garden shop or I'm sure on Amazon. It's to cover plants when there's a frost warning, or to protect from birds. I don't need the optional frame that is sometimes offered as an accessory to this. I don't want a heavyweight row cover, it shouldn't have the word heavy in the title. What I'm looking for is light enough, for example, to put directly on lettuce w/o damaging the lettuce. This comes in different sizes and I can cut it to fit. I have various plants I will use it on, but would like at the very least to be able to cut 2 pieces that are 4'x6'. Click here to see the gift

6.  [November 22, 2018]  
I could really use these snips for cutting aviary/chicken wire for ongoing garden projects. I need the "Rigth Cut" Green ones (yeah, they spelled it wrong.) Click here to see the gift

7.  [November 22, 2018]  
I could use 2 more of these plant stands. Down Under 4-Arm Plant Stand, 12-Inch, Terra Cotta Click here to see the gift

8.  [December 7, 2018]  
Whisks - our small & medium died a while ago, and our large is starting to get rusty (we've had it a long time.) So, a set of small, medium, & large would be useful. Or if only getting one, Medium is the most needed size right now. Plastic or metal is fine, but should be dishwasher safe. Click here to see the gift

9.  [December 2, 2018]  
A large plastic mixing bowl with high sides. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just needs to be high-sided enough so when I'm using my electric hand mixer the stuff doesn't fly out of the bowl. Prefer dishwasher safe plastic. I don't have a link, looked a little on Amazon but gave up, probably easier to find in person at a store like Bed Bath Beyond, Target, Walmart, etc. Click here to see the gift

10.  [December 2, 2018]  
If you put Brownie Spatula into Amazon it shows a bunch of small spatulas. I need one of those, ours broke at Thanksgiving. It doesn't have to be anything fancy and it doesn't matter to me if it's plastic or metal. Preferably no wider than 2.5". Click here to see the gift

11.  [December 2, 2018]  
Right Angle (Corner) Clamp. Click here to see the gift

12.  [December 2, 2018]  
Bath Overflow Drain Cover Click here to see the gift

13.  [April 6, 2018]  
1 or 2 bread warmers. It's basically a piece of clay you stick in with your rolls/muffins/whatever to keep them warm until you eat them. Search Amazon for bread warmer. I don't want a basket or any other thing with it, just the stone(s.) Click here to see the gift

14.  [March 28, 2018]  
A Loofah scrubber (sometimes called loofah sponge). Beware of things on Amazon that come up when you search for this but are actually just (nylon?) scrubbies, which I already have 2 of. I'm linking to one at Bed Bath and Beyond so you can see what it looks like. I don't care if it has the rope or not. You can probably get these at a drugstore or bath/body shop or you can go to Bed/Bath/Beyond. Click here to see the gift

15.  [March 28, 2018]  
1 bottle of shower gel (aka bath/shower gel aka body wash) either unscented or in a scent that's not too sweet and not too fruity, and no vanilla, rosemary, or citrus. You can probably find something at a drugstore or Bed Bath and Beyond or possibly Cost Plus. It doesn't have to be a huge bottle, I don't use it every day so it lasts a while. Click here to see the gift

16.  [March 28, 2018]  
Allie Cats Hot Pad Sewing Pattern (this pattern is available on various websites, here are a few links or you can google it) Click here to see the gift

17.  [March 4, 2016]  
WIth Craig: Another trip to Catalina Island. Click here to see the gift

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